All other services

All other services

Here you will find all other services in Dease Lake, commercial, government or private.


Highway maintenance

Highway repairs, snow removal, paving, general safety and maintenance of rest stops.


Transport services

There’s currently no commercial transport services in Dease Lake, however if you find yourself needing a ride, look at the facebook page: Telegraph-Dease Lake-Iskut Buy and Sell page and you might find someone willing to ride share.



Have a small or big job that needs to be done? Look no further, you may be able to find the person you need right here! Dease Lake has many professionals with trades and many self taught jack of all trades. – Coming soon.

Rest stop garbage bins

If you have any questions or want to relay any information regarding the rest stops on highway 37 near Dease Lake, contact the Lake District Maintenance yard.

More services to be added