List of places you should check out

These are easy to visit spots in or near Dease Lake.

Mount Edziza

Seen from Highway 37, approximately 70km South of Dease Lake. The snow never melts from the mountain tops.

Iskut mountain

This beautiful mountain can be seen in all of it’s glory from the Iskut General store, located 87km South of Dease Lake.


Wildlife: Moose

Pay attention to wildlife all year round, Northern British Columbia is full of it. Beautiful animals to see in the wild but they can also be dangerous so drive safe and never approach wildlife.

You’re nearly guaranteed to see wildlife while traveling through Dease Lake.


Dease Lake : Fishing

Dease Lake is 45km long and full of beaches only accessible by boat. Plenty of Camp grounds on the lake, full of Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Burbot (Ling Cod), Arctic Grayling, and several species of Whitefish.
source: (Dease Lake Fishing Holes)

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Dease Lake: Boating

Dease Lake is beautiful and has many hidden locations that you can explore by boat, however you must be careful as there are several sandbars that do exist on the lake. Enjoy camping at the lake, wake boarding, swimming, sun bathing and going on a adventure!

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More to come

More to come